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How to still celebrate a milestone anniversary or birthday without throwing a huge party

So are you feeling bad about having to scrap special birthday plans for your little one that you've promised them for months, as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? Or maybe you were planning a special getaway trip for you and your boo to celebrate an anniversary that has been abruptly halted due to the new flight restrictions? Well don't fret! I've put together some great idea's of how you can still celebrate while being safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Have a pajama jam at home for your little one!

Last year when my daughter turned the big 5, I wanted to do something really memorable for her without breaking the bank. So being the Event Planner-Mom that I am we hosted a really cute pajama party in our living room with her and 6 gal pals. I created a special kids table for them with pillow seating and created a gorgeous cake display all using items from our rental catalog, and added a balloon garland for some wow factor. Now, you may not feel comfortable having kids over right now (or ever lol), and that's okay! Get you and your little one (and siblings if they have them) some matching pj's and have a pajama jam just for you! I promise you the kid's will love it and it'll keep everyone's mind occupied on something other than hand sanitizer and toilet paper.


Don't go all out on a ton of one-time use party bags and favors. For Mom's like me this stuff usually finds its way into the trash soon after it comes home (sorry, not sorry). Instead, go for more practical giveaways like fruit snacks or a juice box. Cost effective and convenient. As a Mom of 2 I find these much more useful than a plastic toy that usually breaks within one day of use anyway.

So how do you do it?

  1. Choose a theme .You know what your child likes. Think about what they're into and what would be easy for you to put together. Be creative!

  2. Check out our rental catalog to find great decor items to turn your space into something unrecognizable for your little one. Cake/dessert stands and throw pillows are a few options to make for a great pajama party. Contact a member of our team for suggestions for your space.

  3. Order a cake from a small business bakery. My favorite is Frost Bites - they never disappoint!

  4. Get your kid some cute birthday gear. Check out Klassiq Kidz Boutique for some really cute stuff like tutu's for the girly girls. They also have some cool activity gift sets that you can do with the kids during the party. Plus, you can order online!

  5. Order in! Use the Sargasso Sea App for some great delivery options. Kid's choice!


Call Just Dreams! - Let us make this a stress free experience for you. After all, there are already enough thing's that you need to worry about right now. Let this be one less thing you have to stress about. Our team of event professionals are prepared to handle the planning process for you.


Plan a date night in

Your tenth anniversary is coming up and you don't know what to do to celebrate. Bars and restaurants are closed, movie theater's are out of the question, even getting a hotel room is off the table with the recent closures. So what is there left to do to celebrate? Plan a date night in for you and your boo!

There are really a ton of ideas I can give for a date night in like a private indoor picnic for two or a romantic movie marathon. One of my favorites though, is an at home spa night.

We created this sexy setup for a special at home Valentine's Day celebration, but this can be done all year round! Turn your bathroom into a fancy hotel room without breaking the bank. For this setup we used a ton of floating candles and filled the ceiling with balloons. We finished it off with a trail of rose petals and a wine station. You can take it to the next level with a special catered dinner for two or setting up a makeshift massage area.

So how do you do it?

  1. Start with a clean space. Be sure to clear away any clutter or unnecessary items (aka junk lol) that could take away from the design.

  2. Check out our rental catalog to find great decor pieces to turn your space into a five star resort. Candle holders, lanterns, ice buckets and drapery are just a few options to transform your space into a real life spa. Contact a member of our team for suggestions for your space.

  3. Put together a sexy playlist. Make sure you have a blue tooth speaker ready to go and create a mix of you and your partner's favorite tunes (SoundCloud can be your best friend).

  4. Pick up a selection of bath bombs and body oils/moisturizers for your partner massages. Check out His N' Her's Hair & Beauty for some great natural options.

  5. Design a special dinner menu. One of my favorite chef's is Chef Chiko of Chiko's Catering. His food is amazing! Give him a call and tell him I sent you.


Call Just Dreams! -Creating dreamy experiences is our specialty. A night such as this should be something special for both you an your partner to enjoy, and by putting the planning and execution into the hands of the professionals at Just Dreams rest assured this night will be one to remember.

Have an idea you need help executing?

Do you have an idea you want to discuss with us? Book a free consultation here with a member of our team. We'd love to discuss your plans or design a custom event especially for you. Send me an email at or give me a call directly at (441) 504-8427.

What are some way's you are celebrating during the COVID-19 outbreak? Share some ideas in the comment section below.

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