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Planning an event amidst the Corona Virus outbreak

With all that is happening in the world at the moment as a result of COVID-19, this seems like a really fitting time to increase the line of communication between Just Dreams and our customers. With the influx of postponed events we've received this week (ugh!) it's given me some time to add a blog to the site! It's my hope that with this I can share any updates as we receive them in terms of hosting events in Bermuda as well as what preventive measure's we are taking to ensure we are offering safe, clean products to our clients. Even #postcorona I plan to keep this blog going so watch this space!

Postpone, Don't Cancel!

As we all now know, the Government's recommendation is "social distancing". They've also recommended that events with more that 50 people in attendance are a no, no. So if you were planning a party or wedding during this time you are probably freaking out just a little bit. But DON'T! This virus has affected all of us. So most venues and vendors are going to be really understanding of what is going on. However, don't make assumptions. Make sure you reach out to vendors you have already scheduled bookings with and have an open discussion about your concerns. Discuss the options around postponing your event, don't cancel! We in the Event Industry need your support during this time! We want to be sure we can get back to servicing your future events but the loss of income from cancelled events can really be a deal breaker for small businesses during this time. So to help us get back to doing what we love, postpone don't cancel! Remember, we are all in this together.

Plan ahead, this too shall pass

This will all be over soon. So don't stop planning! Our team at Just Dreams are very much happy and eager to discuss your event plans. We will likely be limiting our in studio consultations, but will be happy to chat over the phone or via Skype. Any previously booked events that need to be postponed we will honor at a later date available on our calendar. Should you need to downsize or make adjustments to your already agreed upon event, we will be happy to discuss those options with you as well. This is also a good time to take advantage of our early bird booking discount. Book your events 6 months in advance and receive 5% off your total event cost. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your events feel free to send your questions to or call me directly at (441) 504-8427.

What are your main concern's regarding events during the COVID-19 outbreak? Drop us a comment in the comment section below!

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