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Book your child a virtual birthday party and support three small businesses at the same time!

So who would have thought that virtual parties would be a "thing". Well here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and virtual parties are most definitely a "thing". We've all seen our favorite DJ's hosting virtual night clubs on Instagram but have you considered a virtual birthday party for your child? Wouldn't it be great for your child to be able to have a cake, blow out candles, open presents and sing happy birthday surrounded by friends and family, while still following the Governments social distancing protocols. Well, with the help of Just Dreams and our friends over at Klassiq Kidz Boutique and Baking Bougie you can! We've put together two birthday party packages so you don't have to cancel this year's birthday plans.



cost $195.00

  • 1 dz Vanilla or Funfetti cupcakes

  • $30 Klassiq Kidz gift card

  • 5' Balloon garland

  • Your choice of up to 3 party colors

  • Delivery to your front door

With the Basic Package you get 1dz vanilla or Funfetti cupcakes in your choice of 3 colors with matching custom sprinkle mix provided by Baking Bougie. Klassiq Kidz are providing a $30 gift card valid for 9 months for a purchase at their Court Street location or online at Just Dreams will create a 5' organic balloon garland in your choice of 3 colors to set your at home party scene. All of these items will be delivered to your doorstep so you don't have to leave the house. Once we've created the party vibe, all that's left to do is for you to dial up your friends for a video chat. This can be easily accomplished through WhatsApp Video or FaceTime, or if you have an account with the online cloud conferencing platform Zoom. But if you don't have video capabilities of your own this next package is for you.



cost $295

  • 6" Birthday cake

  • $50 Klassiq Kidz gift card

  • 6' Balloon garland

  • Your choice of up to 3 party colors

  • Online gift registry on

  • Gift's wrapped

  • 2 hr Zoom meeting room

  • Digital party invitation

  • Delivery to your front door

The Premuim Package offers a 6" birthday cake in your choice of up to 3 colors with swirls and sprinkles provided by Baking Bougie. Klassiq Kidz is providing a $50 gift card and the ability for your child to create an online gift registry for party attendees on All gifts will be wrapped as a part of the service. Just Dreams will create a 6' organic balloon garland in your choice of up to 3 colors and a virtual party space for up to 2 hrs using Zoom. A digital party invitation will be provided that will outline all party details including your Zoom ID. Like the basic package, all these items will be delivered to your front door!

We've also made it possible for you to add custom add on's to both packages. Check out these add on options below.


  • Cake stand rental $15

  • 1dz Chocolate chip cookies $30

  • 1dz Decorative Happy birthday cookies $48

  • Color Drip on cake $12 *

  • Candy cake toppings $15 *

  • Digital Invitation $10

* = add on only available with the Premium Package

Book your virtual party package now on


Your virtual party will support small businesses

With whichever package you decide on, know that you will be supporting 3 small businesses in the process. Three businesses who through this global crisis still aim to put our best foot forward to meet the needs of our clients. Three businesses who will rely heavily on people like you to get us through the next few months. Three businesses who through all else have a drive and passion to do what we do. Then there's the joy in seeing the smile on your child's face when you get to tell them that you don't have to cancel their birthday party this year! The thing about this crisis that I can really appreciate is that it's taught us small business owner's how to be more versatile in business. We've been forced to alter our business models in order to survive this global shutdown. We've learned to think outside the box and create new product offerings in order to still effectively service our customers. Most importantly we've learned to prepare for the unexpected. This is what entrepreneurship looks like!

Have a virtual party idea you need help executing?

Do you have an idea you want to discuss with us? Book a free consultation here with a member of our team. We'd love to discuss your plans or design a custom event especially for you. Send me an email at or give me a call directly at (441) 504-8427.

What are some way's you are celebrating during the COVID-19 outbreak? Share some ideas in the comment section below.

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